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very nice story. I loved its simplicity. Sort of like salvation itself, simple yet powerful.
I like this article too. Sometimes God sends something or someone different to us for us to make a change for the better. I think Henderson realized that this is what he had to do. I like the way you developed the story.
You have a very good story and auite a bit of talent, yet I believe it lacked some believability. I've worked with homeless teens before and they don't talk like that! But I still think this was a good story and had quite a few great points within it, as well as a great message.
Henderson's character arch was really well drawn, from reluctant witness to embracing the boy's need. His internal dialogue also worked for me. Concise storytelling. Yeggy
Taking the time to be 'bothered.' Great analogy with the batteries/radio and God's presence. Great story!
You've woven such a delightful story here! The characters are made me care and to not want to part from them at the end. The gentle pace and progression of this enchanting piece is so refreshing indeed! It's nice not to be bludgeoned with action and goth sometimes (although there's a place for that too). Great story!! Loved it!
This is really good writing. You created the story well and the dialogue was consistently believable. Thanks.
Y'know, I could see so much of you in this one. Well written - you made the reader feel for both characters. I really liked this.
Bravo! Well written. I loved the way you portrayed these two characters.
Good contrast between the reluctant witness and the naive seeker. I think the characters were believable, a Tennessee setting, a boy raised by a Christian mother, circumstances suddenly changed...acting a little tough but not yet jaded. Shows us how simple it can be to share the Love of God. Great story.
I wonder what made me think this was Tenn. Maybe 'Henderson' (it does exist, I've been there). I must have been so drawn in I could see it!
There is nothing quite like telling a story with dialog. You have some genuine believable characters, here, and you didn't need a narrator to "get in the way" of their story. This is one for my "favorites." I really enjoyed this! Thanks so much.
Enjoyed witnessing the shift in Henderson - from apathy to outreach. Great dialogue; I felt like I was right there. :-)