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A really telling devotional but written with a light touch - I especially loved the ending
*chuckle, chuckle* Two mountains? :) (still laughing)

Provoking and wise thoughts that challenge our desire for strength - it's not easy and the price is high.

Great devotional.
Great beginning! Good devotional... I too loved the ending and how you wove it all together so well.
One of the best last sentences for a devotional that I've ever read!
This reminds me of the song "Jesus Loves Me". "We are weak while He is strong..." Great job!
Great Entry, I will be recalling this story for mornings to come. 'Two mountains' - perfect ending!!!
I relate! Love the ending. I give Him a hard time in the morning. Good thing all things are possible for Him! :)
Darlene, I first want to THANK YOU for you comments, suggestions and encouragements of my article: A Sunday, A Savior...A Celebration!!!

I just loved this article of yours: So Little Faith! Boy, does the TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD...set us free; after it has cut us to the heart. But, that is it's purpose...and as our Lord has siad so many times; THIS IS NOT UNTO DEATH; but only to reveal the Glory of God !!! Our transformation, and bringing us more into the people that we are ALL CREATED TO the purpose of God's Word; and it will not return unto Him void.

I hope that we each WILL CONTINUE TO READ, COMMENT and ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER...into a GREAT FAITH, and the ABUNDANT LIFE and LOVE of our Lord!!! God bless you.