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I smiled through this. Every other verse I was thinking '...I did that.' Lovely stuff. God bless.
First-rate poetry. I loved every verse, and you built the tension well, bringing it to a very satisfactory resolution.
I absolutely loved this. I'm crying as I write this. How many of us try in so many ways to fill that hole with all the wrong things, even those that seem so right?

Thanks so much for writing such a beautiful poem.
Whenever I comment or critique something that isn't exactly down my alley...I write "nice, but not exactly my cup of tea" With THIS poem, however; I won't beat around the bush - This IS definitely My Cup of Tea...I loved it! Great job! Kudos!
I have been here! Great Poem!
Great stuff! Really, really, loved it! The journey of us all. Like Jan said, 'First rate!'
Absolutely great. Just one little doubt (and I could be all wet here), but did you really mean "sorted" when describing the woman at the well's life or maybe "sordid"?

The is marvellous work. Thanks.
Good lesson.I kept thinking of that God-Shaped-Hole in each of our hearts that only He can fill. :0)
Your poetry is what every woman feels from the soul. You touched me as I read. I found myself watching the Woman at the Well, and feeling her emotions with my own tears. Thank-You for your gift!
Bravo. Excellent keeping of rhyme and meter. Great message. Very good!
Beautifully done.
Poetry isn't ususally my favorite genre, but this is superb! Your story is universal - many of us can identify, I'm sure. Well done! I enjoyed this very much!! :-)
Great job! Beautifully done!
Bravo! What an awesome poem. It is truly a gift to be able to write a poem that evokes emotion. I too found myself drawing at the well one day and met my Jesus there. He treated me like any other and offered me His living water.
congratulations on your win
I was judging last week and this entry scored very high with me. I loved it. Incredibly written. So glad to see your win!
Thank you so much, all of you, for your feedback! I'm overwhelmed & so grateful!
Congrats Venice; a well told story in verse!