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Very creative! It's true, this world is filled with passwords to unlock almost everything...It's great how you related that little annoyance to Jesus, our one and only "password" to Heaven. :)
NO! I was going to leave that as a comment: Password is Jesus. You beat me to it.
I live in the same technilogical jungle and I also have a password file. Sigh. I liked your point (but it took a little long to get there). I like the casual voice.
Thanks for welcoming us to your world of passwords ... and for reminding us that this too will end! Your humorous voice is effective.
Super. Loved your approach to the topic. And your conclusion was great. And I related to this in particular: "It’s a wonder I get any work done, isn't it?" How true it is. Good job.
If I didn't already know the Topic this week was "lock" - I would have sworn it was "password" after reading your take on this. I guess this refers to "unlocking info by using passwords". Whatever!? Anyway, great witty job, and well done.
I agree with the above comments. I liked your spin on the topic!
Liked your take on the topic. I thought you took a bit too long over the description of the passowrds, and in my opinion, you should NEVER, EVER, suggest to your readers that your workis boring (they might believe you)!