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Good story! I could see everything clearly.. Especially "Sir Richard"! I absolutely LOVED the last line, and laughed outloud! Thanks...Kate~
Oh, so cute! Yes, I could see it too! Very well written! One teensy thing..unless I missed indication that she was six earlier would have given me clearer picture of the little girl. Great job!!
Yes, the last line is a winner. : - )
The age thing would help. "Daddy's footsteps" would be simple enough.
Blank lines between paragraphs do not add to the wordcount.
Fun story. : - )
Yes, knowing Anne Maria's age earlier would have helped to make more sense of her comments. But this was hilarious and well-written. Great stuff.
Funny! It got me thinking about "misunderstanding" God--what if instead of saying "Save them", he was saying "Shave them?" Oh, my...
A smile on my face as I comment! I could visualize every moment and attitudes! Loved it! (especially the last line - great stuff!)
This was too funny! I loved it. A few punctuation problems, but nothing to lose sleep over. Great!
When it started I thought this was going to be a child abuse story - guess you set it up that way. Relieved it wasn't - loved the humour. Thanks
Yes,Helen! That's exactly what I wanted someone to think when they started reading. I'm so happy you made that comment and even happier that you liked the story. Hope I'm not doing something wrong by posting on my own article. Not sure if we're supposed to do that. but thanks!
I got the 'save'-'shave' thing, too. Toooo funny! Well done!
Very cute! A nice, intense beginning. Loved the ending :)
A fun read. I enjoyed it. Poor dog. LOL!
You certainly set this up and got me wondering. Child abuse? Hide and seek? Big chuckle at the end. Loved the girl's perceptive interpretion of her parent's expressions. 'Angelic face' indicated to me that she was a kid.