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Love the way that you have portrayed the Leodiceans: so self righteous that they just don't 'get it'. Also enjoyed the 'local knowledge' that made the Lord's words to them even more barbed. But, oh, how easy it is to identify with the way we try to get around God's word when it is pointed straight at us and not allow Him entrance. Challenging, creative piece that drew me effortlessly into a different time and place.
The church of Laodicea is "alive and well" in many parts of this country. I was impressed how quickly they came to a resolution, I expected the letter to be sent to committee...
Very good, and so pitiful! You had me thinking, "Maybe they'll get it this time..."--but no. You stayed true to that church, as you should have. But maybe next time I read it they'll make the right choice....(Great job of writing!)
This is so well done and speaks true of many churches that claim to be Christians. I like the way you had them miss the whole meaning of 'lukewarm.'
And did we mention "because you are lukewarm-neither hot nor cold-I am about to spit you out of my mouth"? How many churches has God spit out of his mouth, where His presence has long since left the temple. Ouch! Good job.
I love this. I love it when someone brings the Bible rto life. This was gripping...and provocative...and did I mention I love it? Wish I'd written it!
How wonderfully creative! What an education about the church of Laodicea as well as a pointed and insightful story! Great entry!!
Whoa! To see those words in print is scarey! 'ENTRY DENIED.'

Great perspective, voice and attitude. You captured the essence of the account so well and brought it to life. Almost too close for comfort for some of us! :)

It looks like the historical novel in you is coming out dear Suz! :) Got any more?
Very engaging story! I found myself chuckling when I got to this line: "The letter does somewhat improve. We are told that we’re loved. That, says our Lord, is why He rebukes us, disciplines us and calls us to repent. But repent of what?" Seems self-righteous indignation just keeps showing up, generation after generation after generation, doesn't it?!? :-)

This is a very personalized way to share historical fact. I, for one, would love to see more Bible stories in this format!!

Wow, this was awesome, Suzanne! Very well written and thought out! Thanks for writing it!
I don't see the Laodiceans as being so lax (relaxed) about getting a letter from the Lord.
You'd think a warning of phrophecy like this would be a big deal, but you never know.
How many did turn and repent? I guess one day we'll know for sure.
It was fun and engaging as always though, Suz!