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This sounds like it should be an old hymn. I liked it a lot!
This is brilliant. I love the rythym. Such a beautiful picture of a soul going from lost to found, growing in relationship with the Lord and then finally entering eternity...fully accepted...into His glorious presence. Wonderful use of words. You are a very talented writer. Keep up the good work!
I received His peace as I read this. Thanks.
Beautifully crafted work! Loved the structure of each verse and the unforced rhymes. Oh, how I long to 'be still'. yeggy
I also loved the rhythm...the rhyme...the feeling of old-fashioned worship. Good job!
This was a pleasure to read.

I enjoyed the journey.. from 'God' to 'Abba' -- Daddy, as the relationship grew. Beautiful, unforced rhymes... simple and profound.
Absolutely beautiful in both form and message.
Beautiful work, as always, Jan. Smooth flow with a wonderful message of praise. Who can ask for more? :-)
Just beautiful ... it really connects. Well done.
Wow! Once again great writing. This is your kind of stuff Jan! A pleasure and a blessing to read. :)
A lovely, poetic Psalm... Well done, and very creative.
Very nice. Such an easy flow with a touching message. Good job.
I really like the way you tied "enter" into all the first lines. It is a difficult format to work with since three rhyming words are required for each stanza, but you pulled it off. Well done!
This was beautfiul Jan, a strong testimony to all the God has done in your life so far.
Lovely and smooth - oh so smooth and flowing! I would never even try to do this, Jan. :-)

Very nicely done. A poetic masterpiece!