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Wait just a cotton pickin' minute there - the length of this thing needs to be extended - possibly doubled. Grandma and her impossible swagger needs to be explored and Cinderella needs therapy because, of course, she will be placed in the role of lap dog for some pretty evil estrogen producers. Sure the prince gets a life - but he already had one - Grandma gets tea and confounds the whole fairy kingdom.

Ooooo, this has the makings of a modern day novel or at the very least a longer fairy tale. Nicely done - fairly magic and all.

Final Word, "This story was a unique blend of Nanny McPhee and the Brother's Grim with a bit of eharmony thrown in just for fun - I give the stories two thumbs and a teabag." :o)
cute, comical and fun. Left me with many unanswered questions though.
Oh, this is wonderful! So clever and witty! I would only suggest that you take a look at the formatting in the middle section that has so much dialog, and make sure that there's a space between each paragraph. A minor nitpick, though, because this story just takes the cake. Perfect.
This was a stretch for me to get on board with. I struggled to place the initial intent of the story's direction, and as I finally caught on to who was who and what their roles were, I couldn't understand what it had to do with faith. It sounded like someone was unhappy with the prince not getting to "sow his oats" enough. Maybe it's me, but I am at a loss to get this one.