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I liked this- have always loved this story. I thought it sounded familiar but was thrown off by the name. I guess with a name like Mephibosheth, you'd need a nickname!
Such a wonderful way to take us into the life of one so small in the lore of the bible. Such a well researched piece. Loved the realistic manner of Tich, too.

I loved the way I was kept off-guard and slowly brought to my moment of awareness like Sheth also had to come to know more. For a while i couldn't place the story. Was it a modern day story of a homeless man in a metropolitan city being bothered by gang members? Was it a man outside the temple of Jerusalem soon to be healed by Jesus or by Peter and John as in Acts?

You brought me into the realm of King David whose heart was after God's. Thank you.
Beautiful. I was right there on the street against the wall with Sheth.

I really like the way you incorporated the truth of the Psalm being sung in luxury inside the palace walls with the faith of Sheth in poverty outside the palace walls.
Wonderful writing,
I loved the prayers Sheth uttered in between events.
The name Tich too seemed to fit the Character.
The plaited beared...well done.
One of the best this week.

I wish I hadn't read the story in the Bible so that I could have been more suprised at the end. Good work!
Loved this! You took a little-known character and made him very real, and very sympathetic. Excellect wordsmanship.
This is realy a good one!

I would have liked a different title to draw me (and others) to read it because I wasn't sure if it was a devotional type entry or not.

It just so happened I wasn't in the mood for a devotional so I passed it by, but I thought I'd give a friend a read, so I checked it out. It's great and I so enjoyed it! The scenery, the 'feel,' everything!

Loved it!
Very well done!!!
Very nice! I thought it was a Bible story, but didn't get it until the end...Very well-written!