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This is beautiful and incredibly romantic. Captures so well the difficulty of seperation. Makes me think of the pain so many men and women in our military are enduring right now as they yearn for their loved ones. Well-done.
Stunning descriptions and lovely writing. The entire scene felt dreamy.
Truly amazing writing. What a beautiful picture of the holy intimacy between a husband and wife - "love divinely constructed." Masterfully done.
Sweet. Tenderly written. Your descriptions are beautiful. Good job!
This has a great serenity and tenderness. Beautifully done.
You've made me think of my husband this week. We're apart due to business. Can't wait for the homecoming...beautifully done as always. Jo
Well done... but I prefer the grittier Maxx. : - )
Pure romance...sigh
Loved it! Bless you, Kate~
How romantic! My heart's all aflutter! Seriously though, I feel the same way when I am away from my husband for a long period of time. I just long to be in his arms again.
Awwww, Maxx, who knew you were such a romantic? It's delightful to see you trying something new (although you didn't have to do it so well!) ;-)
Maxx, honestly you should stop writing here. It just makes everyone else jealous! (just kidding, never ever stop!) I personally love this story and I don't have to read one of Kenny Blades stories after to shake the usual feelings of horror that come after reading one of your masterpeices. Honestly though, your writing astounds me. You have such an amazing gift and I'm blessed to have you share that on this website. keep em' coming!
Four words - That's one lucky Lady!
Maxx, not only romantic and written superbly, but also a wonderful portrait of what God meant marriage to be. In a world that paints marriage as humdrum and confining, you've offered a piece that shows the vibrancy of married love in prose that reads like poetry. Thank you.
So very touching and romantic! You captured his emotions and his longing very well.

As always, a great piece that is enjoying to read!
Been there! Wow, that's a great story. Great job, Maxx.
Mushy, Maxx? I don't think so. This was beautiful and tender and a wonderful picture of a pure and holy love. And thank you for sharing a husband's perspective with those of us who sometimes fail to understand the inner workings of the male! Well done as always.
I can only thank God that he has granted me a husband who reacts to our separations of even a weekend this way. I love that this was not about sex, or what she did for you, or anything of that sort. This was just one man's love for his wife. It is powerful and beautiful.

Thank you.
Very well written. You allow the readers to share the scenery and mood with your character.
I loved the imagery throughout, your descriptions are so vivid and yet maintained that dream-like quality.

I was a little confused the first time I read it, because I thought "taxied away" was the speaker driving away in a taxi. But it made perfect sense the second time I read it.

I could really relate to the exhaustion of traveling and the tricks that little reflective airplane window can play.

I loved the way he came out of his dream when the stewardess (or I guess it should be "flight attendant") awakened him.

I can only imagine a love like this - sadly, I couldn't understand the longing was simply from being away the first time I read it. But the beauty of the emotions and the magnitude of love - it gives me hope of what I can pray for in my own marriage. I didn't know this really existed.

The last two sentences were perfect.
Great writing. You should score big on fitting the theme.
I love the line, "A hand on her....
... shoulder." ROFL!

I thought this was beautifully written - it is a piece of art.
Beautiful story!
This really tugs at my heart-strings. How poetic, how tender! Can such a relationship exist - truly?!? In Christ all things are've made me think, for sure. :-)
Oh my. I remember this piece. I think it was one of the few I ever commented on. The reason why I never commentde was because I felt so inferior commenting on such a master's work. God's been dealing with that whole "I suck' mentality. And now look! I've reviewed each of your pieces (almost. I can now see the end drawing near) This one is breathtaking. I adored your opening line "taxied away" what a beautiful phrase. This piece was flawless. So delicate and beautiful. This piece shows another side of you. A side you've touched on before, but this piece truly capulates on your romantic side. A master is one who can write about anything in any genre and sound like it's what he experiances every day. You, my friend, are just that. You bring your readers into every line. I leave wanting to jump in your stories as the main character. I know that will take me to some pretty crazy places, but that gift you have for bringing readers into your stories is incredible. very few writers have done that for me.

Oh, my apologizes for only remembering your one win in the EC for this quarter. Will you forgive me?