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I feel your pain! You really had me going right to the end. Good work.
Great job on the buildup of tension, and great timing on the release. And...I want some, please.
"Some things, regrettably, have to be broken down into small pieces before they can be shared." This was so poignant at first - but after reading the whole thing, it's hilarious! GREAT job. And pass the platter.
A good thing there were no fingers in the way! I loved the chanting and the pounding on the table! I was there! tehe! Poignant and funny! Just loved it! (what did you do with the prop for your story Miss Yeggs!) ;)
LOL -that was great! Such drama and so real :)
I was all built up for this huge something and it turned out to be a chocolate treat! How anti-climatic! lol. You had me going there.
I'm betting she bought a 2nd one to keep for herself.
Masterful build-up!! And a truly funny ending!!
From one chocoholic to another...brilliant my dear, just brilliant!
LOL! Good job. ;-)
lol! Where's my piece? Great writing!
This was great! I was guessing what it would be, but was totally wrong of course. (I thought maybe it was a ceremony to get over a break up and she was going to smash a gift from her ex or something! WAY wrong! lol
I loved the chanting mixed with her one liners.

I did catch one typo though. You probably already caught it too, but just in case not: Three female VOICED raised in mocking harmony. I think you meant voices. :)

Regardless, this was dramatic the first time and a crack up the second time. Great job and please, do share. ;)
Ha! I love this type of story - the one where I'm thrown completely offguard with a surprise ending. Too funny! great writing, as always. :-)
lol - that was good, creative.
And I love it too!!! Mmmmm ... my mouth is watering.