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A story of many layers and many depths. And a story of a journey we can relate to. There is so much here! The devastations in our lives, the impact they have, God's Presence and provision - Victory. A well written devotional that is easy to connect with. Excellent!
Beautiful! Thank you for that breath of fresh spirit; may God use your talents richly!
Heart pounding...a broken love these sentences describing Elijah in almost parallel structure. It gives this beautiful piece an almost poetic rhythm.
Great job getting inside Elijah's head! You've conveyed his pain and restoration really well.
Wonderful rendering of the propet Elijah's experience of brokenness! I could see him, feel what he felt, and be refreshed as he was at God's hand. Great writing!
You really brought this whole story to life. Your descriptive skills painted a clear picture of the trials of Elijah. may we all find the mountain when we need restoration.
A little different for you Suzanne! What excellent imagry and descriptions. This is a well done work. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see this in the EC. A touching, feeling, rendition of a great great man.
Wow, Suz! Biblical fiction could be your thing! Excellent work, my friend. I loved everything about this piece. It held me captivated and left me wanting to reach for my Bible to read more about this amazing man. Awesome writing!
Oh wow - I got chills -very very well done!
Excellent work as always, Suzanne. I just love how you show the breaking, the price paid, by God's servants. It's something we tend to pass over quickly when reading the Bible. I'll never look at Elijah the same again. Bravo!
What I love about this piece is how you so aptly reflected the utter desolation of Israel at this time in Elijah. That's how it is in the Bible, but you revealed it so simply and beautifully that I have to thank you for writing something that has really quenched my thirst.