The Official Writing Challenge
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All I can say is WOW. I think this may be a winner.
Magnificent! Thank you.
Profoundly perfect. Excellent material for illustration -- in cartoon form, a picture book for adults, or even for the stage.
I agree - this is amazing. Definitely a winner!
Wow... powerful... perfect...
And just think what would have happened if you had't entered this! You would have denied us this blessing of an absolutely fantastic poem! Wow! And double Wow! And double Thank you!
Absolutely beautiful! Thank you.
I began reading your poem and was very impressed with your writing. But then somewhere in my reading of it, I forgot about the contest and was touched by its message, which I have to remember in writing that that's the most important part. You stirred my soul deeply. Thank you.
What a wonderful ballad! Perfect in rhyme and rhythm carrying a timeless message!! Excellent!
Incredible! Absolutely magnificent.
Excellent... from first line to last. This was well written and carried an equally strong message. I'm more than a little impressed! Ya done good!
Very nice- a well constructed poem.
Wow...profoundly wonderful! Reading it once is not enough to grasp the depth. I am in awe of your insight and your talent. Congratulations!
Congratulations on your win! It was well-deserved! I am in awe of the way you can write poetry...excellent!
I cannot understand how this did not take first place. It is brilliant. It is masterful.
It was like a key that opened doors in my heart that I did not know were there.
An excellent poem. Every word was well chosen and offered a decisive picture to the reader. Keep writing. You are talented.
I'm speechless. Awed! Such a magnificent poem! You are indeed a true Poet! Congratulations!...and well deserved!
Kenn, as a judge I gave your piece a perfect 5 something I seldom do. You drew me in from the beginning and there is such truth to your piece that I had to come back and read it several times, and I am sure I still missed things, and that is the mark of a true writer, to make your reader return again and again to see what else they missed.

Well done on your win, and I certainly hope to see you on the 'podium' agian soon.
This poem flowed like the rythem of the tide, and it sang to me, and taught me something.

It should have won the top prize.