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A very realistic story, with a great reminder for us all. Good job!
Been there...done that! Good job.
So true. Guilty of the same here. Thanks for writing.
Your story made me want to cry for the little girl. Who of us hasn't lost our temper a time or two (or ten) and had to repent before our kids? I know I have. You brought this out in a touching and very real way. One comment: I think the 4th paragraph could be reworked to cut down the "hads." But that's just my novice opinion. I really loved your story!
I loved the title and wasn't disappointed as I read the story. Well done.
A sweet 'slice of real life' story with a very apt comparison! Great storytelling skill! It sure does bring back memories of early parenthood!
Oh, I've been that mother! You captured the moment very well, with some first-rate writing. Good conclusion.

"Unfortunately, the first option never crossed my mind."

How true... options occur to us in hindsight, after we've made a poor choice. Thanks... btdt, too...
A nice example of control woven into a real-life scenario. Too bad you fogot the Pull-Ups! Great job!
This is a cute story with a wonderful message. Well written. I enjoyed it!
I miss reading your stories. They're always a fun read. ?Great writing like always.(:
Whew - I've been in these shoes! Only I ended up in the emergency room with my little guy since his bladder was in spasm and could/would not release without medical intervention!!! It was AWFUL!

You did a good job with the relational part of this story. Forgiveness is part of the learning curve, isn't it?!
A well told, realistic, story that many of us obviously identify with. Enjoyed that you drew the comparison between things that can and can't be controlled. Yeggy