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Delightful! I'm a cat lover and you have them pegged. Great fun!
You have me wanting to read the rest of the Cat manual! I, too, am a cat lover - always have been - and truly you do have them pegged to the "T!" Well-written, and thoroughly enjoyable. I needed a good laugh. Thanks for sharing.

God bless,

"In the Appendix, you will read some Advanced Strategies, including an unpleasant but effective way to notify your human that you wish to have fresh Kitty Litter."

Accident, my foot! I KNEW it!

Very funny.
You must have met Abby and Lou. I am sitting on a hard wooden chair typing this because Abby simply is too cute, all curled up in a fuzzy ball in my comfortable padded office chair. Good job.
I loved this!! I can tell you are a big cat lover. Keep up the good work!
How on earth did you think this up? What a creative idea! Please realize, this is a HUGE compliment coming from me, because I can't stand cats. Now I must slink away to the non-cat-loving part of the website.
Too cute!

I have a suspicion of who might have written this ... will have to wait and see if I'm right.

Excellent work.
Too funny! Although now I have to keep my cats away from the computer because I do NOT want them reading this!
This was great! Just great! :-D
Absolutely delightful. When I started to read, I thought cats - what a perfect take on control. You had me smiling all the way through.
This was so creative, Jan! Three cheers for this one! Meow, meow, meow!! Great work. :) Jo
Very good, too funny.
Purrr-fect! Loved this! I had two cats, now one, sob... My 20 year old kitty, decrepit as she was, decided to abandon the sunshine of the deck that was warming her hurting joints and never returned. My near 17 year old kitty is as obnoxious as ever. But, oh, how we love them, huh? I so enjoyed your entry!
I loved this. But tell me... does the book include information about those furry el-catta terrorists that behave like alarm clocks.

We have two cats. The oldest is sixteen and spends most of his time sleeping. The youngest is two and spends most of his time attacking anything that moves. Every morning at approximately the same time, our youngest cat wakes us up by attacking our feet. We have prepared ourselves for this daily bombardment by making sure we have a lot of blanket coverage. He is so cute, but now I am wondering if he has a copy of this manual stashed under the bed.

Good job!
Oh this piece is full of clever phrases and witty one-liners. Loved every word! Brilliantly crafted and wonderfully creative. I agree: this one was purrrrrfect. I hope it places. :-)
Jan, this is the 'cat's meow' in humorour stories!! What a cute and creative entry! I'm still chuckling over this one as are all other readers who are owned by their cats! Haha!
You've got to send this to "cat Fancy" magazine. It was such a delight to read. Very well done!
Purrrrrr-fect! Delightful! Not to mention.....true. :-)
Congratulations on being chosen! This is totally adorable and so typical of cats. Nice writing!
Written by a woman who knows her cats! If I didn't know better, I'd accuse you of actually copying this out of a real cat's manual. Congrats. You most definately deserve this win!
Very ingenious.
Congratulations on a well deserved win.
This is cute,Jan...very creative.
Those of us with cats know how true this is! Clever.
Adorable! Big congratulations on this very well written and very TRUE piece.
This is outstanding! My cat does the old "Flop and Roll" often. We call it the "Cute Kitty"
This is a genius idea! Let me know when the entire book is out - I want a copy!
I'm not a cat lover but I adored this and want more! Congrats on a well-deserved win!
Hiya Jan, what a great take on control - a cat's POV. It was the having to sit on the newspaper I've spread on the floor to read that used to 'kill' me. Funny isn't it that even though we know what the cat's doing, it still wins? A fun read. Yeggy
I really enjoyed your article on feline Instruction manual. it is refreshing and unique to observe the veiw of a cat's control over a human. I see it all the time with my brother's many cats. It's true!