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I love this! I loved reading about how your attitudes gradually changed, and your descriptions were wonderful.
There is a great tenderness felt in this piece. It is lovely in its sincerity. Very, very nice.
'I had once been intelligent and capable.' :) Now you can add ' a creative writer!' Always love your glimpses of a world most of us don't know. You ought to put all these 'glimpses' together - it would make a great book! :) Love, Pat
I agree, good job and we want a book! :-D
Yes, please, a book with your wonderful stories and insights. I could have written the opening lines - that last sight of Sydney through the tears streaming down my face - remember it well. Keep up the good work, Suz; your unique voice and style shines through these pieces. They're a real joy to read and ponder. Thank you.
Thank you for revisiting and revealing these intimate moments in your journey. They are a precious reminder of God's faithfulness and love and that this world is not our home - we're just passing through!
I loved the stages in discovering Home.
Suzanne, to live the experiences you do is remarkable, but to be able to write them in such a way as to help us live them too is a God given gift that sparkles in your hands! What a joy it is to read your stories! Thank you so much!
Suzanne.. BRAVO! You captured an entire transition in a few short paragraphs. What an amazing sacrafice you've gone through ... and an amazing gain. You certainly bless those of us around you here in FW with your insights and experiences!
How many of us are displaced persons, in a home other than that too which we were born, whether by choice or compulsion of another I like your reassurance. We can grow to love as if it were our own for, in truth, we are home in Him. When emigrating He gave me Ps 121 and showed me verse 3 'He will not allow your foot to be moved...' so standing in Him, we are home.
A little predictable... :P But still an awesome reflection.
Anyone reading this would have SOOOOO known it was you.
I know the feeling.