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Your choice of scripture passages to uphold your points are well chosen. The only suggestion I have is for your first paragraph. Your first two sentences could be combined into one. Great article!
God Bless
Such a truthful and relevant article for the times we are living in. Well written. I loved visiting the States and Canada years ago from native Australia. Please pray for our nation as we seek to stop the legalisation of gay marriage now.
This is a well written mini-sermon. Filled with thought for us all. But if I go to the church of my choice it may only lead me to be a "luke-warm" Christian. I have to study God's word so I know what is preached is God's word. If I don't know what God says, I can be led away from the truth.

I loved your verse II Chron. 7:14. We each, ourselves, have to do the repenting and not let just the "others" repent.

Keep us inspired by your study and writing.
Truth resonates throughout your piece...well done!

I agree that American Christians and those around the world need to wake up and decry the torture and killing of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I think many use the word "love" as an excuse to sanction evil.

Well written.