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Awesome! I loved every line.
Enjoyed this very much, especially the grand finale and reference to the tree soaking up Jesus' interesting thought...and participating in the event that launched the church!!
As I began to read, my mind was wrapped up in the friendship between the Cedar and the Pine. When the Cedar was taken away and made into a table...I envisioned the pine becoming some small ornament coming in contact with his old friend sometime in the future in some way; however, the author had a far better imagination than mine! Awesome! A great piece of work! My eyes were so filled with tears I could hardly read the ending. Just fantastic! What more can I say?
Just like Marilyn, I expected that the pine tree would be cut down and made into something not as wonderful as the cedar tree, but that they would meet one way or the other later. It was an absolute and delightsome suprise to see the pine tree used as Jesus' cross. The lesson: even when we make so little of our God-given talents, the saviour is actively seeking a way to make sure we use that gift for his kingdom, and most of the time in a grand way.
thank you for your story.
Unlike the others, I saw the ending coming once the cedar had gone, but nevertheless you kept my attention, and executed it well. A truly unique idea. Well done. :) Karen
Your story gave me Holy Spirit shivers as I read. Beautiful telling of the story behind the cross!
I read quite a few stories this week written from the perspective of trees, but this one seemed different.I liked it!
My only comment would be about the tall cedar. If you could have written more you could have expanded the story to include the last supper around the cedar table. In a children's book this could be done with an illustrator's rendition of Da Vinci's 'The Last Supper'and just the words you wrote. For an adult audience you would have to write what the cedar-made-table observed.
You wrote some sentences that just touched me: "The cedar could feel his love for it. It knew the cutting and the changes to come would not hurt too much because it would be in the hands of its creator.", "As the woodworker attached the short piece across the longer piece he drew a splinter into his hand and cursed it.", "It was to be used to put this man to death; not just any man, but this most wonderful of men. The pine felt ashamed.", "The sweet and loving carpenter was laid across the beam with arms stretched out by Roman soldiers."
Thank you so much for expressing the Lord's love for His Creation in this way!