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I remember rotary and pay phones. We didn't own a colored television until I was five, and Banquet t.v. dinners had just come out.

How times have changed.
While younger readers might not have as easy a time identifying w/ the narrator's experience, the many specific examples you provide will give them something of a telecommunications history they may find of interest. For those of us who've been around for many of the changes, they enable us to easily relive the journey.
Well written and humorous way of relating our phone communication history. I remember all these examples. I really enjoyed this interesting entry.
This article really brings it home and makes me think of the good ole days and where technology has brought us. A very thoughtful and well written piece. Thank you.
Excellent job! I enjoyed this!

God bless~
I love this line the most- Isnt it ironic that we have gone through all of these technological advances, just to return to where we began? "Hello!"

Technology can be a good thing when it makes the basic things in life easier, but how much more so has the modern day phone, or other technology for that matter, hurt us.