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Very interesting! Eerie and yet compelling. I can just see the
"clooties" on the trees in the moonlight - creepy! God's intervention is just like this....He "shows up" and calls us to live from a deeper well. :-)
This story caught me and held me through, waiting to see what would happen. You had a little over-use of commas, but otherwise well written!
I liked these lines: "What if God, the maker of heaven and earth, should see me? What if, in his anger, he chooses not to understand my desperation?" because God did see her and did understand her desperation. Enjoyed how your wove your tale and the authentic voice throughout. Well done.

You held my interest throughout, and how neat, or sad, to find that the Clootie Well actually exists!
The woman in this story or her husband must have known about God and been converts in a way. That would explain her fear. Very good descriptive words; each scene came to life for me!
An extra compliment: My 14 year old said after I read this to her, "Hope you aren't offended, Mom, but I think this one is better than yours, but I like yours, too!"
You created time and space for us to experience - very good! A great job! I enjoyed reading and experiencing every word.