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I thought, until I was halfway through this, that it was about a mom and her son with AIDS. It was a big surprise to find out it was a Bible story, as I had never pictured it like this. Thanks for the eye-opener.
This is amazing. I'd never thought of this story this way, either. You've penned it beautifully!!!
Vivid imagination. Beautiful story. Thank you.
Discriptively compelling narative of the story. Most think not of the other side of the story of the widow and son. A wonderful telling, from a wonderful story-teller. Great job..
Great writing, your beginning paragraphs pulled me in. Good job! >:o)-I-<
Very creative and descriptive! Good job.
I was thinking Africa or India - the link to the Man of God surprised me - but I liked it. You certainly have a talent for bringing those old stories to life and making them LIVE. Well done.
If nothing else, this story made me go to my Bible and re-read that great story once again. It is exactly as this Writer says; It was her last meal that she was preparing for herself and her son...and God provided for many years.

Thank you for this lovely story written in modern times. I love true stories, and you have done a terrific job of bringing back the wonderful Bible Story and made it relevant for us today! Great! Just Great! So well written. Thank you...and Kudos to you!
Well done, Amy. I looked through it, but couldn't find anything I would suggest changing! Can't wait to read the future anthology!
Great work Amy. Strong sense of place. Good characterisation. Gripping story and the twist that it was the retelling of a bible story worked well - sucked me in! Yeggy
Compelling!!!! Really brought the situation to life. Great job. I, too, hadn't a clue that this was a story from scripture when I started reading....thought it was a modern-day story.
Wow!!! This was amazing and I enjoyed reading this. I sure can learn a lot from you, such great talent!

Congrats on winning, and definately well deserved!!
No question why you won. This is an extraordinary piece of work. I look forward to reading mor of your work.
Awesome Amy! You blow me away.
Amy - woo hoo!
You're really good a capturing the feeling in situations like this. I think your 'rain' piece was similar to this.
It's awesome to see how you brought Elijiah in...
I love this story.
Amy, I can't believe I didn't leave a comment the first time I read this..the phone or something must have interrupted my FW time. I loved this when I read it before, and I love it now. Just wonderful!! and definitely a big Congratulations to you!
Okay - so I liked this version too. *sigh* Such talent. ;)