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Wow--this is awesome!! How well this expresses what we all feel from time to time. Congratulations.
This is beautiful. I've said the same thing to God many times--Prune me more, and I'll die. What a marvelous job you've done!
I LOVE that last paragraph - what a magnificent picture just when we think we can't take anymore.......

The way you've used 'again' a couple of times here adds to the MC's sense of being at the end of her rope.

Well done!
I agree: awesome. This was so realistic - could feel her pain. A great job.
At times this seems an insane love...the agony greater because of the Ecstasy...and still there are His everlasting Arms...
So difficult with Him impossible without Him...
You have defined so well that place, and the struggle therein. You have chosen your words well even planting 'heartsease'. A joy to read.
There are many who could relate to this story. Great job.
Having something similar happen to me and my husband, this really touched me. Thank you.
Good story. Ever wanting a Pollyanna world, I'd hoped the peach tree would bud and offer her hope, but you gave her the greatest Hope of all. The Real Thing. He's always there to catch us. Great job!
"Ever wanting a Pollyanna world, I'd hoped the peach tree would bud and offer her hope" Umm, guilty, me too. But I love realism too. In my own life, God has sometimes done the miraculous thing, but more often than not, we just learn to plug on without the miracle until the next seed of hope is offered. Great job Yeggs.
Realistic, detailed, and yet hopeful. Great job! Loved the whole thing. :-)
Wow. This is incredible. Descriptive.
I love it.