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So many different characters packed into such a short space...I found myself getting lost, story-wise. Perhaps a 2nd. read will clear it up a bit and put them all in place the second time around. A fun story.
Need and index or a program. I got lost.
I'm sorry - I'm confused, too. But the mixed-up gossip was very funny!
Lots of potential here! Written in a unique voice. A clarity of characters would help, but I suspect that's a result of word-count-itis. Cute story.
Yes, cute story, but too many people to keep track of. I still don't understand why Babbie is in prison. An expanded version with fewer characters will work wonderfully.
Babbie is a BIGAMIST (a criminal offense), an opportunist, and a rumor monger (thus the grapevine covered cottage). She hears gossip and gets it wrong and passes it on. Poor man married in haste because she looked good and worked fast (like Kudzu) but she was bad seed and reaped what she planted.

With 900 words, hopefully, it was not so hard to follow, but chopping and pruning to 750 created a tangled web that choked out the meaning...(Also, said "Nadine" when I meant Estelle, Babbie's receiver of gossip). I profusely apologize for any confusion. A person awake for 24 hours should know better than to submit a story in the wee hours. Unlike Blabby Babbie, I have learned my lesson. LG
Maybe my thinking process is all mixed up but this made me laugh! I was going to attemtpt this message too, but I'm glad I didn't - I loved the way you handled gossip and hasty decisions. I loved the 'centipede of sock feet' and especially 'strange Uncle Fidel.' I, for one, am glad I read this today! :)
Very funny, tiny character sketches. A tad confusing but... hey I got the point. Glad someone lived happily ever after! yeggy