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I finally found it.
And laughed myself silly.
What a sense of humour you have!
I LOOOOOOOOVE the way the worm portrayed Jonah, "sulky human" and I love the gluttonous worm, just as all growing worms should be.
It's awesome and original!
One word: awesome! This reminds me of the bedstime stories my Dad used to make up for me. Wonderful piece that with a little bit of toning down the language to "kid-size" would be an excellent character story for children. Excellent verbal imagery!
Hey, this is great! I love your "voice" as the worm. Very funny and original.
*clap,clap* You've done it Miss Suz! Wow! Love, Pat
Beautifully done--stream of consciousness is hard to do well, but you've nailed it.
Love the point of view. Great consistent voice. Very funny, yet made the point. It's not all about me/us - sigh. Well done. Yeggy
How creative. This is SO cute and makes a great point. I love it.
Just too funny for words. A creative approach to the topic and to the story of Jonah. Knew where this was going from the first paragraph but that just seemed to heighten the enjoyment of this wonderful read. Well done.
Comment: Great! Loved the single words at the end of a line. "Oops. Quick. Fast." etc. An impact on the reader. Suggestion: For non-Bible Readers; would have been nice with a footnote (Jonah 4:7) "And God prepared a worm...." VERY entertaining piece!
Cute as a can be! What a little character you're created! Haha!
Very cute. I can imagine that worm with a chipmunk/Christmas song kind of voice :)
Oh this is yours! (Didn't get to all of the hints...) Just love the passage you chose LOL! Very fresh POV! :) Karen