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Loved this entire devotional with powerful messages sprinkled throughout.

Philippians 4:6 one of my favorites. I just love HIS BOOK and HIS WORDS, so I confess I have a lot of fav's! LOL.

Thank you for this piece.

God bless~
This is very thought provoking and deeply devotional. I really enjoyed it. God's ways are not our ways, but He is so wise and good. You expressed it well. Good entry.
This is such a well written article. It is full of truth and encouragement. You gave lots of food for thought and lots of inspiration.

Thanks for sharing.
You did a great job of conveying a great message. I really enjoyed how you posed three questions, turned to the Bible within the narrative, and then answered the questions in reverse order. I think there is a nifty literary word for that, but I don't have enough fancy book-learnin' to be sure. :)

There are some minor errors (a missing 'take' in the first paragraph, 'mocking' should be 'mockingly' in the third, 'sale' should be 'sell' in the fifth, etc.) that can be distracting to the flow of the story. I like getting my wife to read work aloud to me as a method to catch errors. Works best if it is her first time seeing it.

Again, great job. Thank you for sharing it.
This is a moving piece of devotional writing which I'm sure resonates with others who have experienced unemployment or the long wait and delays involved with adoption. You have highlighted the comfort and hope the Lord gives and your Bible references connect well with the story and draw the readers' eyes to God's perspective very well.
This is positive, practical devotional material. It's so down-to-earth that it will resonate with anyone who is facing morale-sapping challenges like extended unemployment.