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Jesus does cause a reaction! I like your approach to the topic and enjoyed your voice . . . felt it did not need the 'facts' about the cedar trees as it cut into the feel and flow of your own writing.
Loved the verses and the way you tied the moments with Jesus into your encounters with your sneezes! Great job and as I said, YOUR writing and voice is what readers are going to enjoy more. Then again, I'm so not a botanist or gardener so maybe that's just my opinion! :) Looking forward to reading your piece next week! CLICK!
And what a glorious reaction it is! Your writing just gets better and better. I enjoyed this so much. Thank you for sharing your fine talent! Love your stories.
Interesting information about the cedars. I like how you hooked an ordinary experience to a life lesson. None of us can have real contact with Christ without coming away changed.
Very informative. My empathy for your reddened nose. I have to agree with Lori on this - I almost bogged down until you started showing reactions to Jesus. I truly enjoyed this.
Every thing you mentioned was interesting and informative, however despite the fact that what you shared about the Mountain Cedar and the Jesus's words causing reactions it still felt like two different stories to me.
I thought your info with the cedar tree and the Bible stories both flowed well and were very descriptive, there just wasn't enough of a tie in for me. Blessings.
I tend to agree with the above, a more natural transition perhaps and a couple of grammar issues lost in the cedars. Nevertheless, an enjoyable read.
When I lived in the Dallas area the Mountain Cedar would get me every year. I enjoyed your devotional. Good message. Thanks for writing.
I don't know much about the area you referred to nor really the tree - so I was a bit switched off at the beginning for some reason. But when you started to talk about having a reaction to Jesus, you captured my attention again. I liked that part the best.