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Ah, the price of an unforgiving heart - you've conveyed her uncompromisingly bitter character very convincingly. She may well have been surrounded by music but not much joy.
oh, brilliant!!! i loved it. well done. and I agree with val-yeggy...a very convincing characterisation of Michal. this is my favourite this week!
Suzanne, I had to read this twice to find the "silly thing she said,"--but it was a pleasure to read this twice; you gave her a wonderful and authentic voice. Just that one little slip...kinda funny, you must admit.
I enjoyed reading this a few times trying to find the 'silly thing' - not sure if I did (oaf?)- regardless, 'What a fantastic take on this account and topic!' Cool 'out of the box' entry! Really well done and well written.
A very unique view! Thanks for sharing!
Good job! What a convincing portrayal of Michal.. I wanted to slap her, then felt sorry for her... I loved it!
I really liked this! Very well done!
Oh, I LOVED this! Humourous, realistic, well-written. Almost perfect (but who am I to judge? I couldn't find that mistake for the life of me until I read Karen's comment. Oops!)
Brilliant link this event and the challenge theme. I could taste the bitterness, you portrayed the hardness of heart so well - a difficult task for one so warm and giving. Very well written.
Terrific job! I read it twice...her resentment and complete disassociation with David is tangible.
Dear me, you of all people should know that tigers do not have spots! Haha. Excellent writing. You've managed to enter into your character so well and portrayed her so realistically. Incredible when you are so removed from her (as someone else has mentioned). Good on you!
fatastic job suzanne! I really liked this one, you do a great job of drawing in all the elements and leading the reader on to the end. Good descriptions too.
Engaging take on Michal! I read "Queenmaker", and it's a treat to compare your version of Michal to that novel's.
awww, man, my favuorite entry didnt get a place! never mind suz- it really is good! (have you stopped kicking yourself over the boo-boo yet?!)kaz
Wow, Suz.
You took it and you ran with it.
It was kinda interesting the way you portrayed her, but not contradictory.
I like it. Too bad it didn't place.