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Wow! This was really unique in style! Maybe some people really were speechless after reading! :) I loved how each story was told in only a line or two, yet you described them in such detail. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks!
I also enjoyed this unusual tale. Each little perfect slice. Loved those windshield wipers! If only each of us could really know how often God is by our side! I'd love to see more of things like this, okay?
Very creative entry! I liked the bits and pieces of various lives and the way you showed that God is watching over them, desiring to draw each one to Himself.
Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
I enjoyed this too. Each storyline so succinct, but enough to give us a real feeling for the situation. The old man made me cry...well done.
This was a geat way of telling the story! I could see each scene with each different person so vividly..and the way you tied it all together at the end was really well done!
I really loved this--you portrayed in a wonderful way how God can use circumstances. I think one way to clear up a slight bit of confusion would be to put each person's vignette in one paragraph only. Then your reader is clearer when the stories are switching. Very tenderly written.
You gave us just enough insight into each character to really suck us in emotionally. Great job! And a beautiful summation at the end, too.
Very nice - I like the pictures of how God is always there -in the good and the bad.
WOW! How did you manage to write such an AWESOME piece? Every word was a drop of exquisite perfection in the raindrops of life. :-) Sorry, couldn't resist! Yeggy
I really liked this! Facinating style.
Ahh...this prose is full of poetry! Beautiful!
A beautiful story. God wants to be present in each of our lives in every way. Since the devil is in the details, we need to make sure that we listen for that still small voice as we endeavor to keep God "in the loop" on every area of our lives. Then, we can truly praise Him for all that He has done:)
Sally, this is a stunner. I love it. I wish I had read it sooner, but I'm glad I got to it now. Great work!