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I just love stories about nursing homes. I just visited my mom today at the one she's in. Those residents are so precious and just need tenderness and love. God bless!
Gotta like a true story. :) Thanks for sharing. It does take special folks to care for the elderly and show them the compassion they deserve.
Attitudes can often become self-fulfilling prophecies – great expectations and encouragement often produce amazing results, discouragement often produces failure! Such a well written, heart-warming story that vividly shows that message! Great job!
Sometimes people forget that the sick and elderly were once young and healthy. I think that familiarity with the problems of older people can harden the heart in some circumstances and those hardened people begin to see their charges as objects rather than hurting and needy human beings. It's so sad and I'm glad that your MC was able to live out his life in a caring environment.
Good to hear this was a true story -- "fulfilled expectations" is such a wonderful gift. I was a little curious about the spacing you used...but it works and keeps up an appropriate pace for your story.
This is a great story. I knew it was true. It's a shame how we treat our elderly and veterans in this country. It gives me hope that there are people out there making a difference.
A tribute to those who provide care with a heart. Thanks for sharing this. God bless.