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An excellent poem that conveys a clear message how we ought not to be the same as the crowd. Unless we be different and live out Christ in our lives, some souls can be hurt and lost for the wrong reasons. I especially like the ending of your poem, "That it is always best to do things in earnest."
I thought this poem was about high-school girls and how badly behaved and cliquish that age can often be, but I was kind of shocked by poems end when I had more the impression of it being adults! Because the behavior was so immature! But of course bad behavior comes in all ages!

That poor dear, how heartbreaking for sure it would be to have everyone you invited to your party not come. My first thought - with friends like that who are back-biting behind her back and calling her a jerk, etc - who needs enemies, with friends like that! Praise God the MC of this poem had her eyes opened. Sometimes it can be such a small thing, that can make a big difference in someones life, showing them someone cares.

This evokes lots of emotion for sure and a call to try and remember to put ourselves in the others shoes when making decisions that involves others.
This poem evokes simply edginess. The girl or woman who changed her mind brought reliefto my heart.
We want to hear laughter and joy and see kindness and love, but it's just not always to be. Tone? Discordant. Discordant music slides me off my seat. This didn't. It has a happy ending.
Well written and good reminder ~ a lie is a lie none of them are white
Thank you for criticking my article, It is nice to meet someone who loves truth. I love your Poem, "The Biggest White Lie."
The Lord Jesus bless you.

I loved your article and the truth of it.