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Oh wow. This one really gets to me. I work with people with disabilities (physical, mental, and substance abuse) and many of them are on probation or parole... They are more similar to us than different, and I'm always kind of impressed with those who earn their GEDs while in prison. I wish more people could see it. Hopefully your story will point that out.
What a devastating commentary on faith without works -- apathy that is both a crime and punishment itself. Very well written, especially the end that is consistent with the trajectory of your story -- at this point a last minute change of heart would have seemed trite and predictably phony. However, we can always hope for chapter two :-)
Excellent story! What a modern day Pharisee Jeff was - all talk and no action!! Well done!
When it's all said and done, there will be a lot more said than done.
Bleak entry, but so accurately portrayed, and your title indicates a crime that your MC committed without facing a judge - down here.
Great work.