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Well written account of your family's soul searching between priorities in your life! Enjoyed.
Not just any word, Garry, but in the middle of the word "middle"! Ha! This is great! I loved it! So out of the box that you can't even see the box from here! Fantastic job, and I bet it was a lot harder to do than it looks. I love the way you consistently change subjects by latching onto a single word that derailed the train of thought.
Sorry! Somehow my comment for the last article got put on this one. Ignore what I've written above...and if you haven't yet read the one I'm talking about in that comment...go read it! Shoo! Go! :)
Okay, now I read this article and can give my honest feedback on it. So, see? God has given you three comments for the price of my one goof. :)

I really like this keen insight into the life of missionaries with children. I have often wondered how difficult it is to take little ones to a completely new culture, or into potentially dangerous situations. I think that sometimes we can get so busy relaying what God has to say to others that we forget to listen to what he's saying to us. I'm glad that's not what has happened to you. God bless you for your work and your obediance.
I think this has applications to all of us, even if we aren't missionaries. We get comfortable in our boat and God changes the course of the river.
Although I haven't done overseas missionary work I can relate to this so well. Sometimes I have geared my heart and mind to something that I was thought was where God wanted me,only to find later that every thing has its season.
I'm learning, even at my age, that the Lord just wants us to be willing to surrender our desires and get our focus back on Him and His will. "Obedience is better than sacrifice" like that Keith Green song sang.God only wants our hearts to be open to him. Lord help us surrender everything. Thx for sharing this with us. Nice job!