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What a wonderful testimony woven into the beauty of the seasons. An encouraging story done well. Inspires prayers for those who work in other lands and for the 'seeds' that have been planted.
A beautiful testimony, simply and honestly told. Would have liked a little more description about Mr Bai: what did he look like, what sort of tempremant did he have? Lovely piece. God bless.
Amazing how "The Rose" symbolizes hope and transformation across cultures.
nicely written.. great tesitmony. I would have liked it with fewer breaks in time since we didn't get to spend much time with each segment. But that's only because I love details... especially in a fascinating story such as this one.
Wonderful and inspiring! A lot to relate within the word limit, but the story came across well and touched me as a reader.
Wow, Suzanne, I reckon your writing just keeps getting better and better, this one is great. The details about weather, flowers, etc, are great, and having been there this story really came alive for me! Good work!
The cry of a missionaries heart is echoed so eloquently here, and that of many Christians. Thank God that we are not responsible for the increase. Praise God for those who are faithful in the sewing and the watering wherever they live, work, study and play.
"What about the eternal destiny of the murdered man? I dreaded anybody asking for a Christian viewpoint and was relieved when nobody did." So honest, and just what I would have thought too. It is good to remind us that we need to be faithful, but HE is the one who does the saving. Well done.
Suz, I want to know more! Can you extend it? You've told the story beautifully, with honesty and integrity. Well done. This reminded me of 1Cor3v7: "So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow" and you've managed to convey this beautifully.
Wow, this is a great story! I'm so glad you told us it's true right in the title - that added a whole new dimension to the reading of the piece. Great job!
Wow, this is a truly inspiring testimony. Thank you for sharing!
Fantastic! I love this. I long for the spring too and pray those seeds planted become roses. I hope Bette Midler will read this. Excellent work!
Beautiful heart, beautiful story.
Well told! I feel the yearning for the lost in the story. But we sow the seed and God will bring the harvest! Wonderful telling!
Thank you for being so faithful to share the gospel despite the lack of an "obvious" spiritual movement. Patience IS a virtue, and God will move in His time. My heart was moved as Mr. Bai listened attentively and began to comprehend the Love of God. Thanks for sharing!
Beautiful story. Wonderful hope. Thank you for letting us be a part of it!
Amazing story! So touching. Keep writing for the KING!
This was great! Engaging and enjoyable to read. Well done! Jo
Wow. You write amazingly. You really do. Even if this didn't make it to Editor's choice, it's still brilliant. Nothing else I could point out... perfect!