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Great story and title. I wanted to punch Jeff. Your story brings out so much of what is wrong with "church" and "Christians". Wish we could just all follow Jesus and forget all the other stuff. Good job!
I also loved the "map" explanation. It was a little inconceivable to me that Christians could be so blatantly discrimanatory about fellow Christians, but I guess there are churches that might encourage this kind of thinking. Glad I've never come across any!
Very enjoyable read! Kids can be so mean, but thank God for parents that can love a hurt child and show them the truth. I liked it very much. Superb job.
Good story! It's all about Jesus, not denominations or certain churches. Enjoyed your writing.
Brought to mind how important it is to teach our children the truth about "the church". Reminded me a little of the game "gossip" when Jess repeated words that Jeff said that Wrigley said... you get my point :o). Good job!
Scary how dogmatic people can be sometimes. Dividing over how we show our devotion to the same Lord. When the mom got down to draw on the sidewalk, it reminded me of Jesus drawing in the dirt for those who condemned the woman caught in adultery. Everyone wonders what he scratched out - maybe it was a map! Good job and thanks for your devotion to all of us here and your many kind comments on our writing.
A very good depiction of what happens all the time. Well done! (Wasn't crazy about the snot image, though, lol:))
Aw, sweet story with a good message!
I'm glad the mom in your story was able to point her daughter to Jesus. It's sad when Christians don't get along. My own family attends a Come Together service which allows different congregations to worship Jesus together. I enjoy it a lot. Thanks for a good story, and a great message.
Loved the way you "showed" the topic instead of "telling" like I did. The map drawn was a great way of proclaiming a profound truth.
I like it when a story is believable as this one is. What a truth it tells. I'll never forget the first church I was a member of. I wasn't raised a Christian, so I met Jesus as an adult. I was so uncomfortable in that church because most of the members were Bob Jones graduates with their kids in Christian school. They had never been 'dirty' as me and had no idea how how superior they acted. That experience has certainly helped me over the years. Loved your story.
This is a great story. There was a passage in the middle where "Sally" got mentioned and I got a bit confused, but awesome message.
Strong characterization, believable dialogue and compeling plot make for a great story. Well done.
What a sweet story. :) I love the message here. It's sad that some churches act that way towards people who don't share their denomination. Kids could especially get that confused.

I like how you said that as long as someone follows Jesus (the main road) they will go to Heaven, regardless of denomination. That part could have gotten confused by people thinking "there are many ways to Heaven" but when you put Jesus into it, there's no way you can go wrong. :)

Awesome writing!
Not all roads lead to heaven, but one thing is certain—Jesus is the only Way (John 14:6). Honestly, this story makes me a little uncomfortable with the mention of a denomination, but I must admit there are some Christian groups which teachings need some correction. The young are often targets of misguidance and false teachings, and such should be stamped out (Matthew 24:4, 11, 13; 2 Peter 2:1).

A very strong message within your story on a very serious matter that all Christians should ponder and be on guard not to be misled (Acts 20:28-30).

I liked this story. I was right there with Wrigley, but I wanted to punch Jeff. Although, I did have to cringe with the wiping of the snot. Great imagery!
The map is an excellent idea. I felt for Wrigley until I realized at the end that she was actually wise beyond her evident years. It took me a bit longer to make that particular leap. So well done.
Congratulations, Shann, on placing #14 in Level 3. Good job!
This story reminds me of my youth when Catholic kids were told "their" God was the only true God. As a kid I thought protestant was a bad word. Fortunately I grew up and realized how misguided some religions tend to be.
Congratulations on placing with this fine story.
This is a great story, my friend! It reminds me that parents have a job anticipating what their children might encounter when they set out from home, and forewarning them. Your story gets my attention and reminds me of some of the preparation my own mom did before I started first grade.

Thank you, too, for your faithfully blessing me with your comments on my own writing. You are a special gal, and I appreciate you!