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It's a wonderful thing to be loved. Very creative take on this topic.
Oh, what a cute story! At first, with the references to "tomb" and being "unwrapped" I wondered what kind of dark story this was going to be. But then it turned out to be a delightful tale of acceptance and loving the less-than-glitzy. Very well done!
What an unique POV. I enjoyed every word. it reminded me a tad about the children's book Corduroy. This would make a charming picture book.
I am so glad that I came back to read this. What a joyful story and would make a beautiful christmas devotional for children (and adults). It is the touch of Someone who loves us that brings us alive and gives us purpose. Such a tender, loving story. Beautiful.
I love it! Not a bit goofy. :) A fun story, quick and easy read, with a subtle but wonderful message - we are ALL loved and important to someone, even if we don't have buttons. ;) Great writing!
Aw, how sweet! You should add children's books to your list of things to write. :)

I think sometimes a lot of us feel like that little snowman. We think we're useless because we don't have the same talents or looks as someone else. But God made us just the way He wants us to be and has work picked out for us to do.

(I like Frost too. I could imagine him as a cute little snowman with sunglasses. :) )
In the first few sentences I thought you were going to retell the emergence of Lazarus from the tomb but you surprised me.

This one has a wonderful message about usefulness. I like the interaction between the ornaments. Such a unique twist in this story! It's delightful!
Okay, We have a new ,very sweet Christmas story to enjoy! Cute from beginning to end.
You have a knack for highly ranked pieces. ;)
I loved the dialogue and the ornament's reaction to the 50% off sale items. A great atory.
Once again you've cranked out a winner! Nice job! I agree... I was expecting Lazarus as well... nicely done! Congratulations on your win!
This is adorable! Congratulations on you EC.
An interesting read! Reminds me of Toy Story and yet not without a clear message behind. Yes, not all of us may be seen as important in the eyes of men, but in God's eyes, each of us plays an important role for the common good as a whole (1 Corinthians 12:4-7).