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Sounds like a unique way to help you with writer's block and come up with a great story. I'd like to read one of your scrabble stories. I don't think I'd want to go up against you in scrabble though.
Ooooh! I love Scrabble too, and I play it on FB all the time! In fact, I've even organized two Facebook/FaithWriters Scrabble tournaments; there are a few dozen Scrabblers from FW there. Once these entries are judged and we can put a name to this one, feel free to add me--I'd love to play you! I'm Jan Worgul Ackerson on Facebook.
What an interesting concept to rid one of writer's block. I've been playing scrabble since I was a child--not a lot on TV back then. Not only was this on topic, but you've shared a nice tip with your readers. Even crossword puzzles will have more meaning now.
What a great idea using scrabble words to propel a story! I felt a kindred connection to you on a couple of your entertaining phrases, such as:It often annoys my opponents, but I do it anyway, with joyful abandon.I am still smiling about that one! :)
Sounds like fun! I used to love making stories out of spelling words. I did that recently when giving a spelling test to my neice. I would make up a goofy sentence and she'd have to guess what the spelling word was. I ended up with a story about a bird that was dreaming and got seed stuck in his throat. . . or something like that. We both had fun. (And the bird was okay in the end.) ;)