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This was very insightful. Thank you! I especially liked: And they flocked to Him because he inspired fresh hope for everyday life. Fresh hope...that's great!
My favourite line is:

Double vision? retorted Marlene, our doctrinal detective. But God has perfect eyesight!

I love the term "doctrinal detective".

Excellent entry.
Wow, this is well done. I loved "we share his pleasure as our gifting matures". May it be so!
It's amazing how one comment by a small child generated remarkable insights into sin and grace--but so it is with inspiration. Brainstorming can work too... if you're fortunate enough to have a group like this to work with. I enjoyed reading this!
I was greatly encouraged by your devotional. "Out of the mouths of babes" - How many times have we learned valuable lessons through our children and grandchildren? And other insightful friends as well for that matter. Thanks for sharing.
Nice communication of truth through dialogue. Loved how the interaction with the grandchild inspired so much discussion - each member of the group having a different take on it.
Love the title and how the truth of it was carried through your article.
I'm so glad God sees me as He does and as I read it, believe it and receive His perception I gain the faith to walk into His callings.
Makes me wonder if God sees the piece we could have written AND the piece we actually submitted because we were in too much of a hurry and left it all too late...
I could see the bathtime scene, and had to smile at, "proud grandparents can occasionally detect their own bragging..." :) I loved the insight by Andy, "how sin infects whatever we do." You have a great message packed into this inspiring story.