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HAhahahaha.! HEEE-heeeee! HHHAHAAAHAHAHA!! HEHEHEE--hEEEE! Oh, HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!!
Oh this was hilarious, really, read like a scene out of a movie, a VERY funny movie, with Ben Stiller playing the part! Great job!
Well thank you very much! I had to change my shirt because of you, and almost had to hang my laptop out to dry Not having a Laugh Out Loud warning at the start of an entry should be a crime-or at least start with put that cup of coffee down.

This is one of the funniest entries I've read in a while. You my friend have no problem with inspiration/writer's block. Love the humour, love the title, and definitely love the last three lines. Well done, I hope this does well.
This was hilarious and so relatable. I love the line:

ooopss my favourite line (out of so many) never showed up on the previous post. this is it....

The light’s not on and I’m not sure anyone is home.
Roses are red
Violets are blue.
Your entry was a riot
(that's a positive,
And very creative too!
In addition to this being pleasantly entertaining, I am in awe of your intellectual creativity!
HaHaHa! I'm laughing out loud at the entry and the comments! (But especially the entry.) This baby is gold! (Wait, is gold funny? Maybe it's a golden monkey ... a golden monkey might be funny.) ;)

I'm voting for this one to be a high-ranking piece! (And for Ben Stiller to play the leading role in its movie. ;) )

Love it!
I loved this:
Noses are red
My lips are blue
I’m hyperventilating
And this ain’t working neither for me nor you.

The whole thing was so entertaining and brought lots of smiles. Great writing.
This is hilarious! Let's face it, most writers can relate. I laughed out loud through the whole piece. Thanks for making my day a little bit brighter.
I can't believe this didn't at least place, you were robbed again my friend. Maybe the judges think that since you are a professional you shouldn't be writing on an amateur site.:) But that's okay I love reading your entries keep 'em coming.