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This was humbling, convicting and inspiring for me personally. Great setting for the story, realistic dialogue and nice illustration for your point. Good job!
CHOCOLATE!!! Gimme, gimme, gimme. :)

What a great message this article has. You're absolutely right to say that glorifying God should be our true inspiration.

I enjoyed your characters very much. Your mom sounded like a real mom, comforting and kind, and your little brother sounded like a good role model, which happens now and then, to our surprise. ;)

Maybe since this next week is "inspiration/block" you could do a sequel and show if your MC's inspiration really did work out.

I could see this transpiring (like a movie). This is rich with detail, "cinnamon swirl coffee" and "mega fudge brownie mix". (This would be dangerous to read on an empty stomach. :) ) I loved the brother's nick-name for his sister, "Neeky." :) You have a wonderful message for writers tucked inside your heart-warming story!
Great story! Great message.
Excellent reminder... Well done, realistic dialogue, solid writing.

(Red ink: missing commas.)
I enjoyed this a lot, and also got a strong nudge in the area of needing my craft to glorify God. Thanks for that. Excellent writing: dialogue was realistic, I could smell the warm hominess in that kitchen and I wanted to get a hug from the mom. Just an all-around good job!
Bullseye message for all of us! You set the scene wonderfully. I instantly had a vivid image of your chair, blank screen, kitchen with mom cooking and Braden slamming that back door. Oh, and even the swirled lukewarm coffee...I could still smell it! :) Also got a good chuckle out of Anika cringing when her mother yelled her name...:) :)
Well done with a timely message for all of us!
Wow! What a story and what a lesson. Wonderful - and challenging!