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I'm glad to know there are still some Miss Mollies around in this old broken world. If this is autobiographical, I hope you continue with your column! Eternity will reveal the fruit of Miss Molly's words. Bless you!
I enjoyed this entry very much. Good writing style, it read smoothly. I hope there are still sympathetic dear Christian "Miss Mollys" around. Thank you for this enlightening story.
Great inspiration here. There were a couple instances of "telling" that caught my eye, but word count constraints may be to blame. Good work!
Miss Molly sounds very delightful and very inspirational as well. Thank you for sharing the story of Miss Molly.
I LOVE this! Your story is heart-warming with just the right amount of humor. Your ending made me smile!
Couldn't help thinking as I read that another good name for this would be "Memoirs of Miss Molly." :) (That's not a critique though, just a random thought. ;) )

So sweet that she married the guy who originally gave her the interview (and the job)! That would be a funny "how we met" story to tell their children!

With all the worldly viewpoints out there from columnists giving advice and "wisdom" that they really don't have, I think the world needs more "Miss Mollys" who would give godly advice and not be afraid to relate to her readers struggles.

Great take on "The Writer's Life!"
Very well done... real and heart-warming... I enjoyed this very much. Thank you.