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This touched me deeply and what a testimony! You have most definitely captured the soul of a writer for Christ.
I cannot help but think the simplicity of your lifestyle has contributed greatly to your imaginative storytelling. And all the creativity involved with writing is such a natural healthy "therapy" (at least I've found it to be so). Keep writing and making new "friends"! :)
If you are the mc you're already prosperous in so many things that are beyond price, especially in knowing how God can use your writing to bring blessing to others.
I don't know anyone who doesn't have some 'mess-ups' in their personal history. Well, I did meet one a few years back...she came from the perfect Christian family, went to perfect Christian school, married the perfect Christian husband. Lived a charmed life, but could not relate to a a dead and dying world full of sin...she just didn't get it.
Thank you for this entry. I like your style.

This was rich in characterization and setting... I was there and could also identify. Well done.
I have journeyed to your world and met Tonunda the Savage, and was in aw of "The Forgotten One." (surely this is how Tolkien created his world, too) I smiled at your "And one more thing" :)
This is so different from your usual Heroic Fantasy entry, and apart from your "Green" entry, The Diary of Rod Tierney, this would have to be one of the best you have written. I know that none of it is embellished and it still moved me. This is truly a writers life in the raw. Hope it does well Mick.
Very moving. Lot's to think about. Nicely written. Thanks.
Wow... I didn't know this about you. It's eye-opening and explains how you write so well. (Ten hours a day?!) Thank you for reminding us of the greatest hope we have and I pray that God will put your life back together and use you in amazing ways.