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I love this! When I'm writing the hours just fly-the entire day could literally pass and me not know it!! Dust bunnies and dishes--so what??
Oh so clever and delightful! Wish I had written this!
Great job! I've been known to stay up til 3 and get up at 6:30 to go to work... my boss was also wondering why I was stumbling around the office like I hadn't slept. Little did she know...
So 'write' you are! Humour, honesty, rhythm and rhyming; you've wrapped it up so well.
Excellent! I really enjoyed this. Some great rhymes and lots I can identify with!
All so true in this easy to read and digest poem. Keep writing.

I enjoyed this... especially the part about the fog. It's so true, that perfect turn of a phrase, the so right word, and a fine plot, GONE, in a twinkling of an eye.
These two lines gave me a big smile, "What reason can I quickly find for my hero’s altercation?" And "I also need a sneaky way to have a villain dead." I enjoyed your fun poem about a writer's life as she tries to balance it with her editor's demands. :)
Absolutely delightful poem!
I smiled from start to finish! Found this very entertaining and you definitely nailed the writers sometimes discombobulated life. You have a lot of company with those neglected chores. :)
Very clever. I enjoyed your rhyming and jumbled but working writer's life. I understand the dust bunnies completely. Thank you.
Very enjoyable. I could totally relate.