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The mysteriousness of your beginning really pulls your reader in. Then as the reader becomes enlightened as to your setting we also become emotionally drawn to your MC. Your ending is heart-warming. Skillful writing here!
Oh, I loved this. So tender, honest, transparent, raw and yet so sweet. You get nothing but rave reviews from me!
Really enjoyed this very interesting story. Thanks
Loved your title. And your descriptions were so realistic. I was with you all the way in this bittersweet story. So much truth here. Good job!
I love this one! I kept waiting for the topic, and then there it was, with a heartbreaking, lump-in-the-throat inducing simplicity at the very end., so good.
Yes, you had me intrigued from the get-go and I was able to put myself in your place throughout the entire story. This is not only deeply touching but simply sweet as well :)
It's amazing how one small positive acknowledgement from a family member can be so treasured. Beautifully done!
Lovely... and sweet and simple... hit topic right on. Well-written. (Tiny red ink: exchange hyphens for dashes.)
I read, and read some more and wondered where the topic was. But one phrase stood out, one that a lot of writers know so well and the many hoops I've jumped through over the years in order to gain approval. That in itself is a critique of us, but to have a parent give a positive comment on something we write is bliss. Sweet simplicity indeed. Well done.
This is beautiful---I really, really like it. I can relate to it so well and I know the feeling when you hear the one phrase from the critic you prize the most "That's Cute" was just the right ending there--and I loved your opening line! There's plenty of good emotion and excellent detail to make the trip and MC appear as exhausted and mindless, yet you tie it together in the end with a lovely heartstring. I LOVED it! Kudos to you--this is a favorite of mine this week! ^_^
I imagine many will identify with the feeling of the MC, and that's what draws readers. You identify yourself very well with the sentence: So I come; it's the right thing to do. Your ending is most appropriate. Well done.
Very touching, and a great ending.
This is warm, real, and quite poignant. I enjoyed reading it, was totally drawn into the relationship and rejoiced at the ending. Beautiful story; thanks for sharing it.
I think everyone else has the comments nailed--wonderful work! I have a family member who has been where you are. Would you mind if I shared it?
Wow, Kim...I think this is your best entry ever. I really liked everything about it. Nicely done. If I were you, I'd keep that hairdryer around.
WOOT!!!! An EC!!! Super happy for ya! *happy dancin* ^_^ I knew this was a good one!
It's wonderful to see this on the EC list. Super congratulations!
The way you drew me in slowly, and ever increasingly, was Masterful! The voice is comfortable and fresh at the same time. Your talents really shine in this piece. Congrats, my friend!
Great story! I think we all want our mother's/father's approval more than high praise of anyone else.
Congratulations on your EC!
Just wanted to say a great big "Thanks" to all my wonderful FW friends. Your encouragement and kind words mean the world to me. Have started to share this with my family (made one sister burst into tears!) but won't be able to with Mom. That's ok-- she got an extra special bouquet of flowers to celebrate even though she didn't realize what for! Love you all!
I absolutely love this, Kim! So raw and seeping with emotion, yet your attitude and attempts to lighten the gravity of the situation is amazing. CONGRATS on this well-deserved placing!