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Oh, I really like some of the pictures you used here. "Spinning a tale for weeks or months must lead/the reader on a journey for the soul to feed" - that is perfect! Inspiring, encouraging words - thank you!
You used a difficult rhyming scheme, and did well with it, but by the end some of the rhymes felt a little forced. You might want to watch for that next time.
I really like this poem, especially the first stanza. Great job!
Nice thoughts, but poem is "pitchy"; doesn't read smoothly or flow well. Nice job, however, on topic.
Very effective in communicating our need for READERS to actually read, and then offer advice on our work. You described the desire of each of us! (teensy note - don't think besook is a word, is it? did you mean forsake? but then it wouldn't rhyme, unless you changed the wording and said "forsook" - sorry!)
Thanks for the comments everyone. Thank you Brenda for pointing out my mistake about "besook". I should have looked it up first. My intended definition is the same as "forsook", so I should have used that word instead. Maybe I had a mind scramble. Thanks.