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This is COOL! I have been known to cheat and peek (not often - I can manage restraint unless I really identify with the MC)into the back of the book for reassurance that a fond character is safe. I have a feeling this story is beyond my reach --unless the topic for the week is "the end".
I suspect I may have read a prequel to this earlier on this quarter. I don't entirely see the connection to Phew and I suspect that you would have been better off writing a brand new story rather than something that depends on the reader knowing your earlier work.
On a positive note I liked your allusion to the fish tank. I'm sure I've 'bumped my head' far too many times!
Quality writing.
You still have me hooked. I enjoy your work so much. If this was a novel, I too, would have to restrain myself from flipping to the end.
Keep it coming, please. This is the first time I recall someone SUCCESSFULLY tying challenge words into a riveting sequel. Can't wait to see what happens with "Shhh." Creatively well done.
Ohhhh... another chapter in the mystery. As usual, haunting, and you leave us hanging on the edge of our seats! Poor Nan, I hope she doesn't get fired! :)
Ah, such a tease, I thought this would be the conclusion! Hmmm, at least it doesn't appear Nan is guilty...
Interesting, not sure I like how 'phew' was use in this installment. I think you could have done better. Keep writing.