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Oooh, mysterious ending. Did she do it? I would hope not, at least not after she prayed for him, unless of course, there was a reason and then she couldn't just let him die like that and ooh...I'm a mystery buff. I wanna know what happened! Good story and nice details with the different officers, it's hard to put so much in so few words.
I agree. Great story, and the character development happens quite quickly which is hard to do in so few words. This reads like a novel - wish I could turn to the next page and keep reading!
Very intriguing! Isn't this a continuation of a previous story? I still want to hear more!
Intriguing...Mysterious...Left me wanting to know more. Well done!
Way to leave us hanging... I liked the mysterious nature. It read well and I could feel the suspense building with each line.
Ooooh, a mystery and a entertaining one too. Good job with the character development and plot line.
oooh, I wanna turn a page too! Love mysteries
This had a strange, surreal feel to it, felt like one piece of a giant puzzle. Interesting, different.
Clever mystery writing. This has shades of "The Fugitive" in your ending.
Hmmm... interesting. I love mysteries, so I'm really intrigued by this. There's obviously a lot going on, emotionally and otherwise. I agree with everyone else... I want a sequel!
Well done. Do you have a finish? Don't leave us hanging.
I really liked this, really!! Great dialog, excellent build to the cliff-hanger. You've got a tremendous talent, and I pray God will bless and increase it. And...what DOES happen next??
Great page 1. I wanna see the rest!
I can just hear the music swelling behind that ominous ending...when do we get to read what happens next? Caught my attention right away and the dialogue was smooth and natural. Great entry.
You are so effective in this genre or writing. I found the piece very engaging and wanted to follow along with a longer storyline.
Another great episode Dub, well done.
I love a good mystery, this one has some good elements but still has some rough edges. I'm hoping that if the story continues it will get better.