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Great analogy! Nice devotional. I will remember this one. Thanks.
Amen! It's the close, involved relationships that Jesus is calling us to have. I truly enjoy the organic more than the organizational.
Beautiful devotional...truly spoke to me. Thank you for your gentle reminder.
A devotion I should read often. I, like Martha, tend to worry about everything. Thank you for the reminder.
This is a good reminder, especially to those of us in the ministry. Thanks for the reminder.
Great devotional and a good example of of an 'Oops' moment.
Great analogy! At least you were not yet at the airport when you realized papers were missing!
I love devotionals that are relateable and symbolic. I really enjoyed this piece and was touched by it. Sometimes I too become so preoccupied that I do lose track of why we were created in the first place, and that is to have a close relationship with our Lord and Savior. This is well done and your entry is one that the reader would be drawn to come back and re-read again. Thank you.:0)
Thanks for a great reminder. I hope to heed your lesson today and put Him first.
Nicely done. And as usual, I really like your ending prayer. You have made great strides since I was last on the site. Congrats!
Thank you for reminding us of the important distinction between these two adjectives! Your personal experience illuminated this very well. Good job.
Wonderful, Edmund! The anecdote at the beginning flowed perfectly into your lesson. Well done.
I like the title, however I found the 'oops' momemt an after thought to the content. The focus was more on the 'important versus the necessary' which was very good. The analogy of Mary and Martha and forgetting travel documents were two separate things in my opinion. Overall very good writing.