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This story had a great story-telling feel to it, but the conversational tone made my eye trip over some of the sentences. The format left me a little confused on the flow at first, but overall, good job!
This is a keeper, for sure! Great writing and what an object lesson! I had never heard that motto before: "The mother of stupidity is always pregnant!" Very funny!
Very good, a little light on the 'wonder' portion but overall I enjoyed it.
Great flow. An enjoyable, enlightening read.
Hey, my friend, your writing is getting better and better. Although I fear that some of the female contingent of FaithWriters might not see eye to eye with your deliciously male obsession with power tools! I particularly enjoyed the section in which others narrated their catastrophes - all very believable and really rather sad.
On a critical note, I stumbled over this line: "and sawing rack can jam thin branches" as I'm not at all sure which words are nouns and which are verbs. And I thought that you should have made more out of your own accident - saying Ow even with the capitalisation was the easy way out; better to have let the reader imagine the blood and gore and ripped sinew and charcoaled tendons and shredded skin and ... Okay, so you get the picture!
I read this earlier in the week, and cringed at the vision of all those accidents!!! Very well written!!!