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Well written, I'm only sorry that a Christian site has been used as a political platform.
Nice descriptive literature. A very good sentimental prose fused with nostalgic memories, but filled with 'damned' words and a footnote not necessary. I am reminded that our Lord Jesus Christ never accepted the job of an arbiter to reconcile two brothers over a property issue, not because he couldn't but because of his vision, for He was focused. We need even more that single eye as we publish in FW, and much more a forgiving heart as christians.
Well written story of a human tragedy with the authors note offering a historical context
for the piece.The story also offers a theme of sacrifice by the young MC to protect his mother and baby brother.
I did not view your article as a 'polictical platform", it was a slice of world history. I found it to be informative. I think the first commentor like many others in this world today would rather not hear, see or be reminded of the atrocities that man has inflicted on one another. I think a Christian site is the perfect place to remind Christians that our work as Christians is far from being done. Overall good writing job, a few typos here and there but keep up the good work.
Amazing writing and excellent use of the prompt. Thank you for reminding me of the terrible injustices in the world we are called to go and love in Christ's name.
An absolutely riveting social commentary in the Christian tradition. Work like this has always been a vital part of Christian witness and conscience.

To avoid concerns such as this is to abandon Christ.

Well done, Colin.