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It may be curious, but when you break it down like you did, it is also boring!! I would have liked to have read more about the attributes of brown, instead of the blandness of the color. One thing for sure you definitely used the topic. Overall I would expected more.
**have expected**
Very good narritive/commentary on brown. My favorite line, "My wife used to have brown hair; she kept it that way long after age had changed the color."
I thought your piece was very entertaining, funny and demonstrated super smooth writing skills. (Aside) And, I am not related to the previous commenter.
Well Dub, I found it very tongue in cheek funny! And your peanuts are a staple that can be eaten in the stable, and you can throw the brown shells on the floor!
Blessings to you.
I found this to be a quite surprisingly enjoyable read --an intentionally relaxed look at the brown of the common place.

Being an artist, we call it the creation of an object using the negative space ... brown is the velvet in which the colors of life are placed ...

Oh, quite curious indeed! I loved the black-eyed peas line...mainly because I always thought it was white and black. ^_^ The lazy flow of this was just right for this afternoon.
I am curious, how is it that such a dull, unobrtusive color, can fill so much of our lives... because it is so unassuming and sneaks up on us.
I enjoyed the tongue in cheek feel to this piece.
Besides the Genesis 30 account of brown in the flock, there is another verse about brown leaves in NLT translation -- Ezekiel 47:12.

You are probably right about brown being too common in the OT and NT to be mentioned, since nearly everywhere in the Holy Land is sand. LoL. Your story is very candid, which is good for light reading. I particularly like the part about keeping the hair brown long after age had changed the color. (",)

Why am I not surprised that "sweet tea" is listed with all things brown, here? :) Your ending made me smile! Does your wife know you wrote this? :)